Snow BBQSo, here I am sitting in a cafe watching the world go by, through a veil of snow! Snow. Woo hoo!!! That’s a rare thing in my neck of the woods so I’m a little bit excited, to say the least and it’s taken me an age to settle down.

The plan was to come here and clarify how I wanted my website laid out. So I’ve looked at what other people are doing with the theme I am currently using. I’ve wondered what the differences are between the theme I’m using and the default one. I’ve searched on Google to find that out but am none the wiser. And I’m getting myself deeper and deeper into the mire of thinking.

So . . . some more time staring out the window . . . (Did I mention it’s snowing? Did I mention I’m excited?) . . . and I settle down and get back to basics and ask myself what do I need right now? Not in some projected future when I may or may not regularly sell my art but right now.

Right now I need a blog where I can link my pictures, when I have them ready to sell, to Ecwid (see 2013 Business Plan post). As far as I know I already have that so maybe now is not the time for clarifying website layout. At the moment, it seems, I have all I need. And I wonder . . . is that not always the case?