Follow What Is Already HereThis morning I awoke to a bit of a revelation.

I’ve been experimenting with Google Hangouts (live video streaming) and am loving them so much I decided to make them a weekly event.

To date, I have recorded 4 live coaching sessions and have started to set up all the background stuff in order to ensure the ‘Get In The Flow Show’ runs smoothly.

Seems about right you might say and I would have agreed with you yesterday. I’ve created a sign up page and some participant instructions but, for the last couple of days, I’ve been spinning my wheels.

This morning I woke up thinking about conversations I’ve had with clients when they feel stuck and remembered that I usually ask them to notice what’s right in front of them now and then go do that.

I have been thinking that I need to get certain things in place before I can officially that I am starting the ‘Get in the Flow’ show. In particular a web page that describes exactly what the show is. However, the words to put on that page aren’t flowing freely to me. What is flowing is the coaching and, I’ve effortlessly recorded 4 videos. I haven’t put them out yet because I was waiting to have this other stuff in place – a bit of resistance to the unknown going on I suspect!

When I ask myself the question “what is in front of me right now that I’m not noticing/discounting?” I see that there are a number of places where I can post the videos without having to have a load of other stuff in place. This is the simplest route. It’s not the one I planned or thought I should follow but it’s what’s available today. I will sort the other stuff later, when that’s what’s in front of me and when there is a sense of ease about it.

It was for times such as these that I painted the piece below which, incidentally, is for sale in my shop!

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