Cradle Mountain PathI entered into the 366 Book Bits adventure in the spirit of not knowing where it would lead. The idea is simple – post something from my ‘Bag of Bits’ every day for 366 days.

To let that be enough requires a certain vigilance regarding my thinking.

I have to ignore the voices in my head that fill me with doubt, that constantly tempt me into trying to create a reason for doing this other than for it’s own sake, that criticise and tell me that no-one wants to read this, that it’s a pointless exercise.

And . . . on the other hand there is such great freedom in doing something for no other reason than I want to.

Just that.

So simple!

Today’s offering from David Whyte speaks to this in the video Preserving the Soul (excerpt) – Thinking Allowed with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove

“How do you know that you are on your path? Because it disappears. That’s how you know.
How do you know that you’re really doing something radical? Because you can’t see where you’re going. That’s how you know.
Everything you have leant on for your identity has gone and so you are going to enter the black contemplative splendours of self doubt at the same time as you are setting out on this radical new path.”

Number 3 of 366 book bits