Collect moments, not things and every moment is special unless you’re resisting it!

collect moments not thingsLast weekend I bought a new laptop and rather than bringing it home with joy there was a sense of trepidation about all the work I would have to do to set it up correctly.

Consequently, it sat in it’s box, untouched, for 3 days!

My old computer, however, is really on it’s last legs, so when the screen turned green and would only return with the help of a strategically placed bulldog clip. I decided it was time to open the box!

This morning I started to tackle my images folders and it was with a sense of doom that I set to it.

I don’t want to just transfer all the images en masse. I want to keep my new computer as clean as possible and transfer only those that I think I will use in the future.

It felt like an overwhelming task but once started, I found myself enjoying deleting duplicates and pics of projects I’d left behind, whilst working on the ones I want to use in the days ahead.

At my current rate of progress it will take me months to get through them all but, for now, I’m enjoying the discovery that even a mundane moment such as this can be worth “collecting”, when I’m fully present to it.

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