NYE 2012This post’s title – Blogathon Completed – refers to time rather than task! In fact, of the 5 things listed in my Blogathon Joining post only 1 got completed.

1. I didn’t get any clarification about how to use all 3 blogs.
2. Took a look at the galleries function of WordPress/the current theme and wandered off onto something else! So . . .
3. Didn’t upload the photos of paintings I had taken last year.
4. Didn’t go through all the ideas I’ve collected and organise them better which I’m totally OK about as I spent the time taking action. When I’m organising ideas I can lose hours getting read to get ready without much work actually getting done!
5. I took more mini challenges than I expected. Now I need to complete the work I started.

All in all I was very please with my efforts as I was away for the weekend so didn’t have much time to spend on it. In total I spent 5 and a half hours which I’m pleased with.

The date for the next Blogathon Bash is June 21-24. I’ve already put it on my calendar. It would be great to see some of you there. Let me know if you’re thinking of signing up and we can support each other.

For those interested here’s my list of what I actually did in the Blogathon:

1.  Wrote initial post and linked to linky list and created “what I did” post to keep track –  35 mins
2.  Started on my Google+ profile – 1 hour
3.  Working on Ecwid shopping cart – 30 mins
4. Sorting out my Google+ link on blogathon – 20 min
5. Work on Giveaway challenge – 45 mins
6. Work on Grammar Police Challenge – 20 mins
7. Completed Back Up Challenge – 30 mins
8. Started on photo editing mini challenge and downloaded photoshop – 30 mins
9. Replied to comments on my blog and completed the ‘How to Get Paid Blogging Opps’ mini challenge – 30 mins
10. Mini challenge tidying up the backend. Added Category descriptions. – 30 mins

Running Total of time spent:  5 hours 30 mins