2014 – Am I having fun yet? Well, that would be a resounding “No” for me!

I’m up to my eyes in accounts and the tax return. I have a load of stuff on my mind because what was moving forwards last year now seems to have stalled and I failed to start the Creative Jumpstart course on Jan 1st, as planned.

I am also now completely out of the habit of making videos and need to wind myself up to do them again which is complicated by the fact that there are other people in the house.

B******s to all that I say. I’m going to have fun anyway.

I will make a video as and when the time is right to make a video.

I will respond to what’s stuck as and when I have clarity about what to say.

I will start Creative Jumpstart as and when the space opens up for

me to get painting again.

The tax return will get done in time. It always has done and I don’t see why this year would be any different.

And . . . in the meantime, I will just take the next step, do what is in front of me right now and stop looking out there at all that isn’t!

It’s 2014. Am I having fun yet? Hell yes!!!

Hope you are too!

Dare To Be You Painting