2013 Business PlanI wrote my business plan yesterday and in keeping with my focus on letting things unfold there are currently only 2 “to do” items on it!

They both relate to selling art since I have a strong feeling that this is something I want to do.

There are also 2 lists of ideas. One contains items that are still relevant from the past and one contains newer ideas. At the moment they are just things that seem fun to me but which I don’t feel sufficiently drawn to right now to move forward. So they have no “to dos” attached.

I am experimenting with focusing on the next thing only, rather than the long term, and will add items as they occur and/or when previous ones have been completed.  In fact, this plan is already out of date as I completed the Paypal research yesterday and made a decision to use Ecwid for my online shop. I will update “the plan” after breakfast!