What Are You Hoarding For?

Are you waiting for a better/different/more important opportunity before you do/use/wear something?

Substitute your own words here. The specifics don’t matter but waiting for the right conditions might.

cushion cover and tissue


This morning I was playing with a painting that I started on a piece of cushion cover that I had lying around. Messing about on the fabric was easy since I didn’t value it particularly. It was just what was left over when I removed the nice bits. So there was nothing to ruin/waste/spoil.

I wanted to add some paper embellishments so I turned to a pile of goodies on my desk that my lovely mate Emma had left for me.

In my foraging around I came across a pretty sheet of tissue paper that had some nice fleur de lys on it. Since it was a complete sheet I found it hard to tear up and then, realising I really liked it, I hesitated even more. I only had the one sheet after all! But there’s something a bit bonkers with that thinking isn’t there?

If I don’t value something I use it but if I like something I save it for a more suitable occasion. In this instance, a better painting

Since when I start a painting I have no idea how well it will turn out how will I know when to use it?

Then there’s the scarcity issue. I don’t want to use something if I’ve only got one of them or it’s unique and I won’t be able to replace it. That’s not a very fun place to live though is it?

The piece of tissue that started this ruminating was a gift anyway. A month ago I didn’t own it and I have no way of knowing what will come my way in the future. So why not use what I’m drawn to despite it’s perceived value, scarcity or ability to be ruined?

What’s that saying . . . nature abhors a vacuum? Maybe the more I use the stuff I’m tempted to the more space I will create for beautiful/fun/interesting/surprising things to come to me.

Worth a try I reckon? What about you?

How about taking something you’ve been saving for a future occasion and wear or using it?

If you do,  please leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. jill - 23 Oct, 2013 Reply

    A lovely creative project . Happy woyww jill #39

  2. Nan G - 23 Oct, 2013 Reply

    Your words ring so true for a lot of us. I am slowly starting to use it and am loving how the project turns out with the little piece of something special on it! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #9

  3. Anne - 23 Oct, 2013 Reply

    Mmm I too have a tendency not to use things – saving for something better. Am trying to stop doing it and use stuff up. Anne x #99

  4. Hannelore Dean - 23 Oct, 2013 Reply

    Couldn’t agree more! Whatever you’re creating, throw your best stuff into it — and you’ll make room for even better stuff to come into your life to replace it. Nature really does hate a vacuum.

  5. VonnyK - 24 Oct, 2013 Reply

    I am just the same. I have heaps of things that I don’t use because they are too nice and I don’t want to spoil them or want to save them for something special. I’d like to say that I’ll be strong and use some of it but I know me and I still won’t be able to use things. I guess it all boils down to confidence in ourselves. I know I’m not confident that I will create great things and so don’t use special things. Hope you are strong enough to use your beautiful paper.
    Have a great week,
    Von #63

  6. Alison Wade - 24 Oct, 2013 Reply

    Happy Belated WOYWW. I have been saying the same since my MIL died and we cleared her house out. She had cupboards full of luxury towels/bed linen etc that she had not used, as it was too special – instead she was using old towels with holes in! Also lots of clothes that she had never worn. I now make an effort to use everything NOW. Ali x #49

  7. Pam - 24 Oct, 2013 Reply

    I’m exactly the same with some of my paper. Sometimes I have to buy 2 sheets of it so I can save one for a special project when really they’re all special! Hugs. Pam#38

  8. glitterandglue - 25 Oct, 2013 Reply

    Go for it, indeed! Reading Alison’s comment here reminded me of sorting out my parents’ house. I found things my daughters had made for them – totally unused – and my girls are 39 and 37! I also found some of my parents’ wedding presents – again, never used. Use it and be glad.
    Margaret #64

  9. Gillian - 27 Oct, 2013 Reply

    Thanks to everyone for the comments. Hoarding is obviously a common theme among us. I think Margaret’s “Use it and be glad” would make a great little quote for one of my paintings! Would go very well with “Put it out and let the world decide”.

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