On Turning Away

thank you for walking unfolding path


I have just removed the Mastermind Facebook group from my favourites.

This might not seem a big deal to you but I felt sick to my stomach when I did it. I have done the same with Message to Millions.

This weekend I was due to return to The States for the Mastermind graduation and another attendance of MTM live. In anticipation of these upcoming events there are loads of FB comments going around such as:

“Hello MTM Family ~ Excited to see many of you next weekend for Message to Money Live!”
“Winging my way to MTM family. Looking forward!”

Until very recently such sentiments made me feel like I was missing out and that I was on the sidelines.

Much of what I posted over the year gained very little attention or, at best, got a bland response. I received supportive comments but scant engagement with what I was saying. Eventually, I stopped posting.

Despite this I clung on and kept reading the posts, whilst torturing myself with my feelings of not belonging. Today, however, it’s time to take the first step in letting go.

Accepting that this particular group is not my “family” has taken a while but has been helped by the response I’ve had to my Unfolding Path experiment via my blog, Twitter, my CTA Rebel group and, of course, my Unfolding Path FB group.

Here are just a few of the comments I received from them:

“I’m so excited to follow your blog 🙂 I just read your latest post – you are such a talented writer & this is just my kind of blog. And I think it’s very fun 🙂 So glad we were introduced!”

“I really get you Gillian! . . . always good to read your thoughts! xx”

“Am loving this! So clear, simple, honest – just inspiring! Look forward to more!”

I think it’s fair to say it’s pretty obvious why I’m shifting my energy and attention and turning away.

Thank you all so much for your love and support and for walking this Unfolding Path with me. You both humble and inspire me!

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  1. Gillian - 23 Feb, 2016 Reply

    From Jan Shimmin: Sounds good, well done!

    J x x

    • Gillian - 23 Feb, 2016 Reply

      Thanks Jan. xx

  2. Roland Leveque - 23 Feb, 2016 Reply

    Much better to be a rebel without a cause(someone else’s cause)
    Hurrah for the Unfolding path. You were always a better leader than a follower(probably why you never listened to me) XOXO

    • Gillian - 23 Feb, 2016 Reply

      🙂 Hurrah for the Unfolding path. Love it! Am I a leader then? Who am I leading? I quite fancy the idea of conversational leadership. I’ll need to write a post about that. xxx

  3. Roland Leveque - 23 Feb, 2016 Reply

    You can’t look behind to see who is following(only your ego would)just keep moving forward,we will all be there ( now if I only knew how to put a smiley face- i would)

    • Gillian - 24 Feb, 2016 Reply

      Gosh Roland. That’s pretty profund! Love it! I’m going to tweet that. I do feel that you are all behind me, cheering me on and I soooo appreciate it. 🙂 xx

  4. Andrea - 23 Feb, 2016 Reply

    Ahhh, I’ll miss you but happy that you’re doing it your way. 🙂

    • Gillian - 24 Feb, 2016 Reply

      Not much to miss really Andrea as I’m not posting in those groups anyway. 🙂 I’ll still post in the Unfolding Path FB group for now and you can find me here! As far as you’re concerned I’m not going anywhere. If I ever manage to earn some money I might even come back to The States for one of Brian’s workshops. x

  5. trine - 24 Feb, 2016 Reply

    I’ll miss you too as I love your irreverent ways. And I’m glad you’re sticking to it and continuing to unfold….
    may our paths cross again <3

    • Gillian - 24 Feb, 2016 Reply

      Thanks Trine. This is all starting to feel a bit sad but I’m not going anywhere. I feel I’m really beginning to live on the unfolding path and you are a big part of that. Your encouragement when I asked for people to join me last summer was pivotal. I’ll still be posting in The Unfolding Path FB group for now and this blog is gathering momentum. So you can still follow my irreverent ways and, as you say, hopefully our paths will cross again soon, either in LA or Europe! xx

      • trine - 24 Feb, 2016 Reply

        Absolutely and I’m glad to have had a little to with your unfolding 🙂 I may see you in England before we know it. No trip planned yet but have a feeling I’ll be going to London this year

        • Gillian - 24 Feb, 2016 Reply

          Excellent. That would be really fun to hook up! xx

  6. Katja Symons - 24 Feb, 2016 Reply

    Bless you! You humble and inspire ME! :)) xxx

    • Gillian - 24 Feb, 2016 Reply

      Thanks Katja! xxx

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