The Meaning Of Life Is . . . ?

meaning of lifeSo what do you reckon the meaning of life is then?

It’s been 4 months since I’ve written a blog post but I came across something this morning that inspired me to put pen to paper and I’m really curious as to what your views are.

In his book “Yes, Yes, Hell No”, Brian Whetten writes:

“The meaning of life is growth, contribution, connection, and creativity”.

I’m intrigued by how sure he seems of that, which got me curious as to what you all think.

Is it a question you’ve pondered and, if so, what conclusions have you come to?

It’s something I contemplated more in my youth than now. It used to feel really important to me then. So much so that when a friend of mine innocently asked “what if there is no meaning?” I became deeply distressed. It was something I was simply unable to contemplate – a meaningless life!

Eventually I made my peace with the question and nowadays I’m happy with both the idea that there is no meaning and with the idea that there is but I don’t know what it is and may never know.

My answer to the question of “what is the meaning of life?” I settled on sometime ago. It is that we create own meaning. We make it up. Life means whatever we decide it means. So, when I read Brian’s statement my curiosity was aroused.

What do you think? Have you any answers? Is it a waste of time to even ask the question?

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I’m eagerly awaiting your responses!

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  1. Roland - 26 Feb, 2015 Reply

    So glad you asked, without the question there is no answer,” Life is” period – having removed that part of the equation we can ultimately deal with the rest of the story,”what that looks like” which of course we get to make up. The two edge sword is of course ” Do we make it up or do we let others make it up for us”?. I find life gets difficult(internally) when I let others define that for me,and without introspection it is sometimes impossible to tell who is making up the story and why I would be feeling a failure in that process. CAUTION
    introspection is not to be used convince yourself otherwise, it is process to let go of any and all thoughts
    that are keeping you from being YOU, expressing yourself through contribution, connection, and creativity. Being a “C” student will make you happy. Of course there is much more(we can add) to the answer but I would advise to keep it simple and just BE and share that with the world.

    • Gillian - 20 Mar, 2015 Reply

      Well said Roland! Thanks for your contribution. x

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