Getting Things Done

Well, it’s certainly been a long time since I wrote a blog post!

This year the art side of things slowed down significantly but it is picking up again now. To be honest, I struggle making stuff just for the love of it and when I think that my creations are just going to sit around and become clutter, making anything loses it’s appeal.

One way I’ve been addressing that is by giving more paintings away as gifts. I did think of offering them on my site with the ‘Pay What You Want’ model. But that doesn’t really solve the problem because it’s not so much about people not wanting to pay but more about people knowing that they’re for sale in the first place. Anyhoo . . .

Get It Done Fun DaysI’ve set myself a new challenge that I think will be fun and get me creating more regularly again. I’ve started a new ‘Get It Done Fun Days’ coaching service and I’m going to use my Pinterest account to help get the word out. In order to do that I’m going to go through each of my boards, one by one, and create something that relates to both the topic of the board and to the ‘Get It Done Fun Days’ offer. The collage above is my first attempt.

It’s painted on an upycled game board box and incorporates recycled fabrics and a dress embellishment I made from a page of an upcycled vintage book.

The idea for the ‘Get It Done Fun Days’ came about when a friend of mine, who is an artist, asked for help to get her creating again. She’d moved to a new studio and was feeling a bit overwhelmed and struggling to make anything. So I coached her throughout the day.

I called her on Facetime, we had a conversation, she worked for 45 minutes then I called her back, we had a conversation, she worked for 45 minutes, then I called her back etc.

I timed all the work blocks so she didn’t need to be distracted by watching the clock and I made all the calls to her.

We kept at it for a full day and that was enough to get her in motion again. She’s now got a lovely selection of beautiful lavender pillows sewn from vintage linens and a set of nature themed notelets. Better still she’s bursting with ideas and off getting them done on her own. Oh yes, and she’s already sold 2 of the lavender pillows. Bit of a result I’d say!

That got me thinking . . . and when I mentioned what I’d been doing to another friend she asked if she could have a go. She’s not an artist but the coaching worked just as well for her business as it did for my artist friend. Since then I’ve worked very successfully with 2 other friends and I’m now offering this as part of my coaching practice.

For more details on how it works visit the ‘Get It Done Fun Days‘ page.

They are really helpful for people who:

  • know what they want to do but are dragging their feet getting stuff done
  • feel totally overwhelmed by all the stuff they need to do
  • feel disheartened because they don’t really want to do the stuff they feel they have to do
  • don’t know what they want to do but feel they should be doing something

If you recognise yourself in any of the above go to the ‘Get It Done Fun Days‘ page and let’s get started.

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  1. AngieB - 25 Jun, 2014 Reply

    What a cool idea to get the flow of mojo going!

    • Gillian - 25 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Thanks Angie. It certainly seems to be working so far. 🙂

  2. LLJ - 25 Jun, 2014 Reply

    It is the eternal conundrum of the crafter…if you don’t do craft fairs, what DO you do with all the stuff you make? This year, I decided to do everything for charity…let’s face it, I have enough stash! And it has worked really well – I have donated stuff through WOYWW, sold items and donated all the money to Guide Dogs and Alzheimer’s. Local charity shops are always grateful for handmade cards and tags. There are huge numbers of links online for knitting/crocheting and sewing. I view it as a win-win…I’m doing some good and stash busting at the same time 🙂
    Thanks for the visit!
    LLJ 16 x

    • Gillian - 25 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Thanks for the comment LLJ. Glad to hear you’ve found a solution for at least one of the “eternal conundrums of the crafter”. 🙂

  3. Claire - 25 Jun, 2014 Reply

    Great to meet you, Gillian – I’ve actually sent you a message on your Contact page.
    Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting me already 🙂

    • Gillian - 25 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Reply sent to your message. Thanks for connecting! x

  4. Sandy Leigh - 25 Jun, 2014 Reply

    You know, I’ve never heard anyone admit to the fact that there is a hesitancy sometimes about making things, just to make things, because it does create clutter–and then you question if it’s something you really want hanging around. For years all I did was cross-stitch, and I refused to craft anything because of that! But then I started scrapbooking, and then the papercrafts industry exploded and I couldn’t resist all the goodies and fun. But now I’m really back to creating inventory that will go in craft fairs and maybe an Etsy shop and some charity, so I’m looking at it like a business. Your crafter coaching plan is really great though! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #50

    • Gillian - 25 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Thanks for sharing some of your experience Sandy. It’s lovely when we find we’re not alone isn’t it?

      I totally agree with you on the papercrafts thing. I’m really into making stuff from other people’s “junk” as well and I’ve built a really lovely stash. In the back of my mind I have this idea that one day I might run workshops so I can use/share it. That’s my justification for picking up yet more old books, rusty washers, computer key boards, board games, lace, linen, records, skewers, fuse wire and on and on.

      Hopefully, being back on the WOYWW wagon will encourage me to make more. Running the ‘Get It Done Fun Days’ has been a big help with that which is one of the reasons why it’s such a good offer for me to make.

      I look forward to hearing more about your craft fairs and other efforts. Please don’t hesitate to ask if I can help you in anyway. 🙂

  5. Robyn - 25 Jun, 2014 Reply

    best of luck with your new venture. thanks for visiting and feel free to mention your new path on the PJ blog.
    robyn 10

    • Gillian - 25 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Thanks Robyn and for the offer of a mention on the PJ blog. I’ll have a think about how best to do that. I’ve already emailed the address to one of my clients who writes poetry and whom I’ve recently encouraged to publish her poems on here blog. Not sure if she does any decorating though but will be speaking to her on Friday so will find out then.

  6. Chris - 25 Jun, 2014 Reply

    Thanks for visiting me Gillian and the nice comments.
    I know what you mean about making stuff just for the pleasure of it, it can get a bit frustrating especially if you think they are just going to end up as clutter.
    I think it is a lovely idea encouraging other people’s mojo, and helping them over the crafters block.
    Bless you.
    Chris #26

    • Gillian - 25 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Thanks for the comment and the encouragement Chris. I appreciate it. 🙂

  7. Nan G - 25 Jun, 2014 Reply

    Wonderful new venture. All the best to you. Love the collage you’ve made. Hv

    • Gillian - 25 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Thanks Nan.

  8. Annie C - 25 Jun, 2014 Reply

    Hi Gillian, sounds like you have a plan! For me, it’s more about not having enough time to do all the stuff I have I my head. I totally relate to what you say about creating stuff just for fun though, that’s one of the reasons I love scrapping, because it gives me a purpose to justify the time I spending playing with paper and stuff! Mind you, we may need to build an extension to house all the scrapbook pages hehehe! All the best with your new venture and happy WOYWW Annie C #54

    • Gillian - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Thanks Annie. There’s no way I’ll ever have enough time to do all the things in my head. In fact, that’s one of the things about getting engrossed in a project that I love – my head clears and I’m just enjoying the moment. Lovely peace 🙂

  9. Diana Taylor - 25 Jun, 2014 Reply

    A great piece of work – I love that little dress you made – so sweet! Good luck with your new venture and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    • Gillian - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Thanks Diana. I’m a bit obsessed with little dresses lately. I’ve been collecting Pinterest pins and have lots of ideas that I want to try out. Where to start? . . .

  10. Sharon Madson - 25 Jun, 2014 Reply

    I try to use everything I mke by sending my cards to family, friends, and church people. I use a lot of stamps. LOL I do have lots of scrapbook albums and lots more to complete. It does seem to take up a lot of room. I totally enjoy what I do, but I guess when I am gone there will be a lot of “stuff” to be got rid of. I told my DH he should not throw it away, but have my DD sell it on Ebay, or donate it. Good luck with this new idea. Thanks for coming by my space earlier. And welcome back to WOYWW!

    • Gillian - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Thanks Sharon. Have a fun week!

  11. Carole Z - 25 Jun, 2014 Reply

    Loving your plan & your card! Thank you for stopping by my desk today, hugs Carole Z #32

    • Gillian - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Thanks Carole.

  12. Claire G (HamnMule Designs) - 25 Jun, 2014 Reply

    Great idea Gillian, love it! Thanks for swinging by my blog earlier. Cx #71

    • Gillian - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Thanks Claire.

  13. Lottie - 25 Jun, 2014 Reply

    Hi Gillian, love the recycled collage with it’s beautiful pink background. You have some very interesting ideas, and you are spot on with the conundrum of what to do with craft items made for the love of crafting . I would imagine we might all require some Get It Done Fun Day coaching at some point in our lives. Good luck with your venture. Thank you for visiting me today. Lottie # 80

    • Gillian - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Thanks Lottie. I love working with recycled stuff. Hope you’re right about folks requiring some Get It Done Fun coaching. I’m chomping at the bit to do more of it. It’s a great way to spend a day.

  14. Angela - 25 Jun, 2014 Reply

    Hi Gillian, nice of you to stop by at mine. I fully understand the problem of clutter, I have lots of it which is why I prefer to combine challenge stuff with gifts for family and friends but still have a few things that still need a good home Lol!
    Happy crafting, Angela x #44

    • Gillian - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Thanks for visiting Angela. Much appreciated.

  15. Robyn Oliver - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

    Hi Gillian, happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting my desk. Way to go with your idea, I’m sure we all get in a rut at times and I find myself wandering around the house with an empty head – tidying up my area helps and it usually doesn’t take too long to find something I’ve already started and away I go. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#29

    • Gillian - 27 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Yep. A lot of wandering around goes on here too and tidying up. That’s why I like to have lots of things on the go. There’s always something to spark my interest.

      Thanks for visiting Robyn.

  16. VonnyK - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

    What a great idea, I often have trouble getting motivated as I look after kids, house and my dad, so it’s hard to turn on and off the mojo. Good luck with your idea.
    Von #27

    • Gillian - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Cheers Von.

  17. Nikki C - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

    That’s a pretty sweet idea may your venture be successful 🙂 thanks for the visit and BD wishes hugs Nikki 11

    • Gillian - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Thanks Nikki.

  18. Shaz in oz.x - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

    thanks for popping over, Gillian,.. yes I use pinterest a lot to it really helps me with layouts etc.. have boards for all sorts of things .. well done on the coaching, Shaz in Oz.x #14

    • Gillian - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Thanks Shaz.

  19. Amy E. - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

    What a fun idea! I hope you get lots and lots of business!!

    Happy WOYWW
    Amy E. #72

    • Gillian - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Me too Amy. Thanks!

  20. Eliza - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

    Now this is one really intelligent idea that obviously works, good for you. Some people just need that encouragement and can’t get a grip on things, wonderful how you can utilize your skills to help others.

    Keep up the good work.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 74

  21. Gillian - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

    Thanks for the encouragement Eliza. Please keep your ears open for anyone I might be able to help. 🙂

  22. Kelly - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

    What a cool idea – Sprint Crafting. We do something similar to this in Yahoo Instant Message when doing writing sprints. Though we do designate one person as time keeper, several of us meet in a YIM chat room. We sprint for 30-45 minutes and break for 15. This insures we are taking ‘health’ breaks.

    Love your artwork. Very pretty. Good luck on this new endeavor. ~Creative Blessings #73

    • Gillian - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

      That’s sounds like a great idea Kelly – Sprint Crafting. I’ve been considering doing something similar using Google Hangouts but not sure how the camera would work. For now though I need to concentrate of getting my ‘Get It Done Fun Days’ going.

      Thanks for visiting!

  23. 505whimsygirl/Kay - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

    Hi Gillian,

    You have an interesting concept going. Good luck with all that it brings you. I enjoy doing different projects so luckily noone gets the same thing twice as a gift (except my knitted dishcloths and painted clothes pins). I also donate my knitted scarves to a shelter.

    Thank you for visiting me already!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay (17)

    • Gillian - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Thanks Kay.

  24. Margaret Wright - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

    Well, this is a new idea to me, Gillian – but I hope it works out for you.
    Thanks for visiting and for your comments. Yes, I am officially reminded – not that life has allowed me to do too many yet – still spending many hours each day caring for hubby…
    Take care.
    Margaret #20

    • Gillian - 27 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Thanks for visiting and commenting Margaret. Have a lovely weekend!

  25. fairythoughts - 26 Jun, 2014 Reply

    that is a really clever idea, the crafty network is brilliant like that … there is always someone to help you through the mojo less days. my problem is not enough time … now if you could help with that…… well….

    • Gillian - 27 Jun, 2014 Reply

      You know what Janet? I probably could help you with not having enough time. It’s more a question of how you think about it than the reality of the hours . . . I think. 🙂 thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment.

  26. Julia Dunnit - 27 Jun, 2014 Reply

    LLJ does all of her work for charity,it’s a marvellous idea, but I do agree that you still have to actually ‘get rid of it’….and I agree, I look at a lot of projects that I really like, but ultimately they are just dust catchers and my house needs no more filling!
    I wish you luck with your venture; of course WOYWW will expose your work to a lot of people, but strictly speaking you’re overstepping one of the few rules we have about advertising and promotion; of course you should talk about what you;re doing, but I think your WOYWW hit rate will drop fairly significantly if you have nothing to offer but promotion.

    • Gillian - 27 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Apologies Julia. I didn’t intend to overstep the rules. I didn’t really think about it to be honest. I have posted only pictures of my work desk in the past. It was only when I was reading and commenting on other people’s posts that I realised I’d not actually shown my desk but it was genuinely what I’d been working on.

      • Julia Dunnit - 29 Jun, 2014 Reply

        Hey Gillian
        How cool you are; usually after I leave a such a comment the only responses I get are personal and a bit vitriolic!
        I’m really happy that you joined WOYWW and are dipping in and out as you think of it, it works best that way I think. You will, on your travels note that lots of Deskers add links to products and one or two of them over link and blah and it’s obvious that they’re promoting because they’re on a Design Team or something…and believe it or not, I get complaints, which is why the ‘promotion rule’ came about. Please do talk about what you’re up to on WOYWW, it’s expected, and to be honest the chattier posts are the ones who get the best numbers of visitors.
        Am so glad that you haven’t taken offence and really look forward to seeing you on any Wednesday you can make it!
        Julia x

  27. April S. - 27 Jun, 2014 Reply

    What a great idea. A perfect motivator for a procrastinator, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.
    April #69

    • Gillian - 27 Jun, 2014 Reply

      Thanks April.

  28. Roberta - 27 Jun, 2014 Reply

    I love the thought of doing that with pintrest.. in fact I think im going to try it. besides I have tons of boards to work worth. lol
    Thanks for the read and info. Have a great one . Roberta 78

    • Gillian - 27 Jun, 2014 Reply

      ooooh. That sounds fun Roberta! Guide me in the direction of your pin when you’ve done one. I’ve just completed one that was supposed to go on my Blackout Poetry Board but will end up on my Pinterest Fails board due to an incident with some red wine. I wrote about it here, if you’re interested.

      Thanks for visiting!

  29. Laura - 27 Jun, 2014 Reply

    Glad things are picking up on the art side! That dress is gorgeous.
    Belated Wednesday Wishes. Sorry I’m late returning your visit!

  30. Ohhh Snap - 27 Jun, 2014 Reply

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier : ). Love your collage. Happy WOYWW (belated) #52

  31. Lisa-Jane - 30 Jun, 2014 Reply

    Dragging my feet, that’s me! Except that all my stuff is for me 🙂 #30

  32. peggy aplSEEDS - 01 Jul, 2014 Reply

    Thank you for visiting me, Gillian! That’s a great idea, coaching someone through the day. And how nice that you’ve already worked successfully with some friends. You must have a gift for coaching.
    Happy WOYWW!
    peggy aplSEEDS@6

  33. andrea - 01 Jul, 2014 Reply

    belated wedensday wishes it s taken me aweek to get around sorry !.what great idea I hope its successful venture .sometimes everything and anything can seem overwhelming and I can see how it can work . love the collage great use of upcycling cute dress wil check out your pintrest too hugs andrea x #28

  34. Mindy - The Determined Scrapper - 06 Jul, 2014 Reply

    Totally LOVE this idea!!! As you have seen from my post when you stopped by #79, we are kinda in the same boat. Glad to have a shipmate, but we really need to get out of this boat and back onto dry land. Sorry it has been so long for the both of us. I feel the same way you do. I enjoy making things, but find that I don’t do craft shows anymore so the crafts just sit around with nowhere to go. I sometimes feel like its not good enough to give as gifts and then I have family wanting to know why they haven’t gotten anything handmade in awhile.

    It just happens that way. So I am trying to give myself a little more credit and just make things I do enjoy. If I get a chance I send a card or set of cards as gifts. And I’m finishing up a couple quilting projects.

    Hope we both come out of this boat and meet on dry land soon.

    Best of luck with you endeavor and hopefully you get jump forward.

    Blessings –
    Mindy – The Determined Scrapper
    WOYWW #265 – #79

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