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This morning I awoke to an email from my friend Tony that contained the line “Well, I’ve jumped in with both feet and created a profile and uploaded some art to fine art america – here’s hoping!!!”

Bloody hell! Here I am waiting to feel just right before I create my profile, waiting to do a bit of research and see what other people have written, faffing around waiting for pictures to be photographed and there he goes, reads my “ignoring self doubt” post from yesterday, and bam up goes his profile and up goes his art. Well it’s nice to be an inspiration and all that but that’s given me a right kick up the proverbial.

There’s too much getting ready to get ready going on here!

Sooooo . . . I have now added a short bio to my FAA profile. Hoorah!

You can read it if you like (I’m rather pleased with how it turned out) but there’s no art there as yet as I’m still waiting for the photos from my friend. I’ll upload them as soon as I receive them though. Promise.


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  1. lessandragr - 24 Nov, 2012 Reply

    Congratulations Gillian on your new FAA profile. Now for the photos. You will have to start taking shots of all your artwork and uploading it yourself. I’ve been with FAA for about 4 years or so. My sales record is about one a year :D. But I have encouraged several friends to start an account with FAA and one in particular has done Very Well! – which makes me feel really good that I encouraged her to start. Best of wishes!

    • Gillian - 24 Nov, 2012 Reply

      Yeah. Photos are the challenge of the moment for me, including one of myself. Ha, ha!

      I didn’t realise you could actually see the profile. I thought it was hidden until a photo was uploaded. I’ll have to get onto that right away. 🙂

      Do you have any idea why the friend that is doing particularly well is doing so? Does she spend more time marketing than you, have more pictures, something else?

      Mind you, even selling one a year is to be congratulated from what I’ve read. So congratulations on your sales! As they say – if you can sell one you can sell one hundred!

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